Iranian American artist featured in new exhibition at DIA

Mid-career retrospective includes photos, video

A new DIA exhibit hopes to shatter stereotypes and give the viewer a global sense of expression.
"The work is a reflection of my own personal experiences," said artist Shirin Neshat, Iranian American artist whose work will be featured through a mid-career retrospective. The eyes of Neshat have seen the struggles many in the Western world aren't familiar with.

"Her career over the last 20 years has followed a trajectory from conceptual photography to a large body of videos, presented in video installation," said Rebecca Hart, DIA Associate Curator of Contemporary Arts.
Neshat was born in Iran in 1958, moved to the U.S. at 17, and returned to her native country 20 years later.

"And at that time, she saw a stunning difference between the country she had left in the 1970's and the country she returned to in the 1990's." said Hart.
Those differences found itself on Neshat's artistic canvas, speaking out on topics like gender, individuality, and politics. But Neshat maintains her work is rooted mainly in expression.

"I am a woman of imagination," said Neshat, "I'm not a scholar, or a political activist. But I think there are ways in which you can communicate the misunderstandings and the gap that exists between cultures, through the language of art."
The hope is for visitors to find their own voices of expression as well. Neshats exhibition will open on Sunday and will be on view until July 7. The exhibition is free with general DIA admission.



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