MIke Duggan to appeal judge's decision to remove him from Detroit mayoral ballot

DETROIT (AP MODIFIED) - In a press conference Wednesday Mike Duggan said he would appeal a judge's decision to remove him from Detroit's mayoral ballot.

Tuesday, a judge ordered that ex-Detroit Medical Center chief Mike Duggan be removed from the city's August primary ballot.

It was the result of a lawsuit brought by one of Duggan's opponents, Tom Barrow.

Barrow says, and the judge agreed, that Duggan had not been a registered voter in Detroit for an entire year when he filed petitions to run. He was two weeks short of a year.

"I would be the first person in Detroit's history removed for filing early," Duggan told 7 Action News. But Barrow says, "it was the right thing for the judge to do, I am delighted."

Duggan says the ruling is "contrary to the opinion of every election lawyer who has looked at the case."

Duggan and Sheriff Benny Napoleon have been considered front runners in the race to succeed first-term Mayor Dave Bing, who announced he will not seek re-election

Barrow says his polls show Duggan would have come in third. Barrow has run for Mayor of Detroit before, he even ran against Coleman Young in his first effort.

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