Karmanos Partners Night raises money for cancer research

Detroit (WXYZ) - On Saturday, October 5,  The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute will hold its Annual Partners Night at the Fillmore in Detroit.

People will come together to enjoy comedy, food, and more as people raise money for cancer research.  

7 Action News spoke to one woman who says research at Karmanos saved her life.

Sharon Movsesian was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2010, and told that she would likely not survive more than a few days.

Then she decided to take part in a clinical trial at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit.  The medicine stopped the progression of her cancer, and allowed her to regain quality of life.  

"I want people to know there is hope," said Movsesian.  

"We believe the best treatment is clinical trial, not because all patients will benefit, but because it is only through research that we are going to advance in our treatment of diseases like lung cancer," said her oncologist, Dr. Shirish Gadgeel.

If you want to take part in the Partners Night to help raise money for cancer research, you can learn more about the event here.

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