Kevyn Orr goes to work as Detroit's Emergency Financial Manager

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit's Emergency Financial Manager is officially taking over the city's finances starting today.

Kevyn Orr arrived at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning for his first day as EFM of the city of Detroit. 

Mayor Dave Bing has pledged to be a good teammate to Orr and welcomed him to the Mayor's office. Upon his arrival, he had the opportunity to see the office space that the mayor set aside for him.

Orr is spending part of his first day meeting with City Council members.

He also says he was very pleased to hear that the Detroit business community had stepped up to support public safety and emergency medical response and hopes this sentiment and action continues.

Orr is the man handpicked by Governor Snyder to fix Detroit's financial crisis. 

The Maryland based attorney was named by Governor Snyder earlier this month. He resigned from his position with the prestigious Jones Day law firm to take the job.

Under the law, Orr has 18 months to turn the city's finances around. After that, the city council can vote to oust him.

Orr's time as Emergency Financial Manager got off to a rocky start when it was revealed that he had tax liens against his Maryland home. Orr called the situation "embarrassing" and says he took care of the liens as soon as they were brought to his attention.

Revered Jesse Jackson and Congressmen John Conyers and Gary Peters are calling on the federal government to investigate the state's takeover of Detroit's finances.

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