BLOG: Ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick appointed new attorney, will undergo knee surgery

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Earlier today, 7 Action News Investigator Ross Jones blogged live from Kwame Kilpatrick's 10:30 appearance inside federal court.   Follow Ross on Twitter or "Like" him on Facebook.

11:06--That's all:  Thanks for joining us today folks. We'll see you at the next hearing. 

11:05--Dad can visit: Before things wrapped up, Kilpatrick asked that Judge Edmunds provide an order that would allow his father to visit him in prison.  Because his father was a co-defendant in his trial, Kilpatrick says that his dad is barred from seeing him unless the judge grants permission.

Judge Edmunds said she has no problem doing say. 

10:57--New attorney: Judge Edmunds said she will appoint Gurewitz as Kilpatrick's new attorney going forward.

Gurewitz was caught off guard. 

"I wasn't expecting this, your honor," Gurewitz said, asking that another attorney be appointed to assist.  Edmunds obliged. 

10:54--New lawyer? Judge Edmunds asked Harold Gurewitz, who was part of Kilpatrick's legal team throughout his trial, to come forward. She said he seems like the most likely candidate to replace Thomas going forward.  

Gurewitz said he was not the lead attorney on the trial, and that he would need time to get up to speed on many elements of the trial.

"It seems to me that, rather than starting from scratch with someone else, you would be a better choice," Edmunds said, citing Gurewtiz's experience. 

"I have every confidence with you and I expect Mr. Kilpatrick would as well."

10:50--Affection: Putting his arm on Kilpatrick's shoulder, Jim Thomas smiled and said: "I have affection for this man." 

He said he's confident his record in this courtroom and others will speak for itself, but did not take issue with being removed from the Kilpatrick case. 

"I agree it would be appropriate for me to stop representing him," Thomas said. 

10:49--You picked him: Judge Edmunds reminds Kilpatrick that it was he who asked that Kilpatrick be appointed by the judge for this case.

"I agree with you," Kilpatrick said, "but I've also fired him before, too."

10:44--Wants new lawyer: Kilpatrick says that Jim Thomas has been unresponsive to some of his legal drafts and is not being prompt in corresponding with Kilpatrick form prison. 

"That's the way Mr. Thomas has chosen for us to communicate," Kilpatrick said. 

Judge Edmunds said Thomas and co-counsel Mike Naughton represented their client in the trial "vigorously" and "at great personal expense."  

But Kilpatrick disagreed. 

"I'm asking to have a right to my counsel so we can finish what we started here," he said. 

10:43--"Grave error:" Kilpatrick says he wants a new lawyer going forward.  

"I believe a grave error has happened in this courtroom," Kilpatrick said, adding that he was "denied a fair trial."

10:39--Judge enters, Kilpatrick thanks: Judge Nancy Edmunds has entered the courtroom and has some questions for Kilpatrick about how he'd like to proceed with his case.  

But first, Kilpatrick had some kind words for her honor. 

"I appreciate you," Kilpatrick said who Edmunds, who he said ordered prison officials to have him receive an MRI. 

"I have two torn quadriceps, a torn tendon, " Kilpatrick said, adding that he learned surgeons will have to drill into his knee. 

10:34--Kilpatrick's here: Donning tan prison garb, the ex-mayor just entered the courtroom and is now engaged in conversation with Jim Thomas at the defense table.  The normally stylish Kilpatrick has traded in his cufflinks for some handcuffs.  He appears slightly slimmer and has let his beard grow out more than usual. 

10:30--Well attended: The courtroom's gallery is mostly filled up.  Reporters, Kilpatrick family and what appear to be a few members of the public are seated and awaiting today's status conference to get going.  

10:20--Why are we here? This should be an interesting hearing, as it's not entirely clear (based on Kilpatrick's most recent court filing) what he'll be asking for today.  Kilpatrick wrote his most recent court filing himself, which suggests a rift between him and his longtime lawyer Jim Thomas.  He has not yet formally filed an appeal of his conviction, but has said that he intends to. 

10:10--Dad's here: Father Bernard Kilpatrick, found only guilty of a tax charge and out awaiting sentencing, was just seen walking into federal court.  He exchanged pleasantries with me before darting into an elevator.  No sign of his lawyer John Shea, or his ex-wife the former congresswoman. 

10:00--Remember me?  Welcome back to our live blog everybody. Today, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will be back in court for the first time since being found guilty of racketeering in March.

Kilpatrick has been in Milan prison since his conviction, and has asked to be released while he awaits his sentencing.  Most recently, Kilpatrick's attorney says he hurt his knee and needs surgery.

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