Lawsuit to be filed soon in Detroit 911 dispatch delay case

(WXYZ) - Her daughter was stabbed repeatedly, but Detroit dispatchers failed to send police or EMS for an hour and a half.  Now, that grieving mother is getting ready to sue the city.

Tracey Hightower is desperate for answers. Her daughter, Stacey, was stabbed to death back in May.

A registered sex offender followed the 32-year old home from a party and killed Stacey Hightower inside her apartment in Detroit.

Tracey Hightower's attorney says several neighbors called 9-1-1 but Detroit Police dispatchers did not send anyone to the apartment for more than 90 minutes.

Now Hightower's attorney says he's exploring how they can sue the city – despite the bankruptcy – to hold the leadership accountable.

"[The neighbors] heard the screams and yells for more than an hour, while this young lady was being pummeled and stabbed multiples times – the police didn't come.  The neighbors indicated they called multiple occasions over 90 minutes elapsed. That is something that is unconscionable and unspeakable," said attorney Arnold Reed.

"Stacey was a good person.  A good taxpaying citizen that deserved a response – a reasonable response time… She was a good person, beautiful smile, beautiful spirit. And she didn't deserve this – she deserved to get help when they called," said Tracey Hightower.

Since her daughter's murder Tracey Hightower has moved out of the city – because she fears the long response times from police.

Meanwhile, Detroit's new police chief suspended this dispatcher in this case – and there's a chance the dispatcher could face criminal charges.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is currently reviewing the case.


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