Judge rules Bob Bashara to stand trial for murder of wife Jane

DETROIT (WXYZ) - UPDATE: A judge ruled Friday that Bob Bashara will stand trial for the murder of his wife Jane.

The ruling comes after a week of preliminary hearings where the judge heard from 30 witnesses and determined there was both "overwhelming evidence," and probable cause for Bashara to stand trial.

Thursday Bashara watched Janet Lehman as she testified during his preliminary exam.

She told the court she met the Grosse Pointe Park man on a bondage dating website-- and that he liked to play the role of a slave master in his sexual relationships.

Defense attorneys say it's not relevant, but prosecutors say their erotic life is evidence in the murder of Bob Bashara's wife Jane.

The reason; Jane Bashara was strangled and Janet says Bob liked engage in breath play with her. Janet says ontop of engaging in breath play, she and Bashara spoke of plans for a future. 

Prosecutors are trying to make the case that Bob Bashara killed his wife Jane so he could start a new life with Janet and his mistress of about three years, Rachel Gillett.

Both knew about the other.

But they would learn later that they didn't know things about Bob Bashara. The women didn't know he was living with his wife Jane.

Now both women are wondering about other things Bashara said.

For example; was a request he made in the hours after his wife's death innocent or an effort to hide a motive for murder?

"He told me to contact Janet and tell her not to text or call him because with Jane still missing and the police investigating... until he hears something, he wanted to keep his phones clear, said Gillett.

Bob Bashara has pleaded not guilty to the six charges he is facing-- including the murder of his wife.


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