Man calls on WXYZ for help stopping water leak creating hazard in a Detroit neighborhood

Detroit (WXYZ) - "I was playing outside with my kids in the backyard," said Eric Schara. "I heard a whooshing sound so I came over and inspected it. I saw the basement filling up with water."

Schara immediately thought of his kids. His yard backs up to the vacant house were water was gushing into the basement  in the 13000 block of Rockdale on Detroit's west side.   

If the noise coming from this vacant house made him curious,  it no doubt could capture the curiosity of  children and put them in danger.

"Just the thought…it scares me to death."

He called the water department repeatedly over the course of a week.  He says he got transferred again and again. He couldn't get it taken care of, so he called 7 Action News for help.

We put in the call and got turning off the water to the home on the Detroit Water and Sewer Department's emergency to-do list.

Crews came out hours later. While there, a neighbor approached and notified them that another vacant home a block away was also filling up with water. They took care of that one without hesitation.

The water department says these homes probably started filling up with water after someone stole pipes and the water meter for metal. It is a crime they are seeing all too often in vacant homes.

The water department says if you see a dangerous situation like this call its emergency line.

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