City Council discusses proposed $650 million Red Wings arena, entertainment district

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Friday morning, Detroit city council leaders will weigh in on a proposed entertainment district and hockey arena.

But first, they're listening to what the public has to say about it.

A lot of people are expected to have something to say about this proposed property.

It sits along Woodward Ave. near I-75, an area near many blighted and vacant buildings.

The Detroit city council has called a special session, which includes a public hearing on the proposed $650 million entertainment district and arena.

It's considering a change to the city code to add the property to the downtown development district.

The city has to expand the district, in order for this plan to go forward.

Meantime, Michigan's strategic fund would issue $450 million in bonds to help fund the project.

Critics say, however, that the timing of this mega project is poor, as the city is going through bankruptcy and pensioners face significant cuts.

Friday's hearing gets underway at 9 a.m.

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