Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette officially joins Detroit Chapter 9 Bankruptcy case

(WXYZ) - Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is now in the Detroit bankruptcy case, but not everyone he's representing wants him involved.

Thirty-thousand retired and active Detroit city employees face cuts in their pensions that are protected by the Michigan constitution. Schuette has entered the case on their behalf.

Three lawsuits were filed to block the Chapter 9 where cuts could be made. And the Attorney General appealed their victory on behalf of the Governor and others.

The Michigan Court of Appeals closed the three state cases this afternoon because they've been moved to the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court.
This would not be the first time the attorney general has been in a position to argue on both sides of an issue.

Many believe the attorney general is positioning himself for a future run for governor.

Schuette spent a good part of today campaigning and fundraising for Republicans in Macomb County.

The bankruptcy judge is also being asked in a filing, to clarify a ruling he made last week taking over jurisdiction of state cases.

One could affect the future of emergency manager Kevyn Orr.

The next full court hearing on Detroit's bankruptcy is set for Friday.

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