Michigan lawmakers respond to possible government shutdown

Clock ticking towards deadline

(WYXZ) Detroit - Michigan's top democratic leaders were at Greater Grace Temple church Sunday night to pay tribute to Michigan Congressman John Conyers, Jr.  He is the second most senior member in the Michigan House of Representatives.  They were also focused on the drama unfolding in Washington, D.C.  The showdown of sorts over the Affordable Care Act.  "We are going to go back and we are going to hopefully keep the government functioning," said Senator Carl Levin.  "We can not close the federal government because one group doesn't get their way on a piece of legislation."

State Senator Rick Jones tells Action News he believes a government shut down is going to happen. "I think there is a good possibility that we may have a government shutdown for several days, but it won't go on for an extended period of time."

Former Detroit city council president Monica Conyers was also spotted at the event, showing support for her husband. 

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