Mike Duggan vs. Mike Dugeon in Detroit mayoral election write-in race

DETROIT (WXYZ) - There's a new candidate who has entered the race to be Detroit's next mayor as a write-in candidate. His name is Mike Dugeon. That's right, Mike Duggan will face Mike Dugeon.

Mike Dugeon has successfully signed the necessary paperwork to become a write-in candidate in the August 6 Primary Election according to Daniel Baxter of the Detroit Elections office.

"It's official,I'm running for mayor," wrote Michael Thadeus Dugeon on his Facebook page.

The city's election officials say they have no record of Dugeon ever voting in a previous election himself. He first registered as a voter on July 12, 2012.

Mike Dugeon's name is – of course – very similar to that of Mike Duggan who was forced off the primary's printed ballot after a lawsuit. Duggan is also a write-in candidate and has been running a campaign based around a message of how to write his name on the ballot.

A write-in challenger with a similar name could introduce certain confusion into the process of counting votes on election night.

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