Mom accused of fatally stabbing 8-year-old daughter Tameria Greene appears in court

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A court referee has the mother of Tamaria Greene be stripped of her parental rights for her four other children.

Greene was the six-year-old whose mother, Sameria Greene, is accused of stabbing the little girl to death.

Child Protective Services filed a petition against Semeria Greene the day after her daughter, Tamaria Greene was killed.

A judge now has 7 days to rule on the suggestion. Family members can still object to the suggestion.

Semeria is now charged with her daughter's murder. She has four other children who are currently in foster care.

The suggestion by the referee applies to those children. They will be allowed to visit each other once a week, but are not allowed to talk about the case with family members.

The father of three of the children was also in court. He had already been stripped of his parental rights of two of his children. He will be allowed supervised visits with his children.

DHS is still trying to find the father of the fourth child. The agency says some family members are interested in adopting the children.

Tameria's funeral will be held Wednesday at the Muslim Center in Detroit. It's set to begin at 5:00 p.m.

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