Officer Weekley testifies, denies knowing gun fired during raid that ended in death of 7-year-old

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It was an emotional day in court as the officer accused of recklessly killing a child during a police raid took the stand in his own defense.

Office Joseph Weekley told the courtroom his weapon fired when Aiyana Stanley-Jones' grandmother hit the gun. It went off killing the 7-year-old girl while she slept on the couch three years ago.

"When she hit my weapon down, it was quick, this was all in a matter of seconds," Weekley told the courtroom. "She hits it down, I pull back. When she hit it with such force, my master grip must've come off the weapon as I'm pulling down and away, I must've pulled the trigger."

 At one point, Weekley said he didn't even know he had pulled the trigger. The officer said the recoil was low, and he thought his team was under fire.

Aiyana's grandmother, Mertilla Jones, denies interfering with the raid.



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