Organization that helps Taylor's homeless community has to move

People that live in nearby tents worried

TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - In the shadows of suburban life, is a secret world few are aware exist.  People living in tents, close to popular restaurants and busy shops in Taylor.

"Dan" has lived in the woods near a busy shopping center for almost two years.  He admits, his own actions brought him there.  "I'm an alcoholic.  I'm a professional engineer and I have my masters degree, " said Dan. "I drank myself out of my marriage and my jobs."

Dan is one of several people living in tents just off Eureka Road.  He relies on ChristNet to help provide him with food and a place to go during the day.  The organization rents space from the West Mound United Methodist Church.  The church is closing and the building is being sold, and ChristNet has to move.  The organization is working on finalizing paperwork on a new location close by.  They hope to be moved into the new location in October. 

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