Party store owner pistol whipped and business burned

In a case of armed robbery turned arson, cops are hunting for a very dangerous man. The cold hearted crook who set fire to the Livernois Market, after pistol whipping the store owner. It happened just before 8 p.m. on Livernois on Detroit's Westside.

Police told us the store owner narrowly escaped. There were 3 Molotov cocktails that were used to set the flames. Customer Randy McCoy said "It's depressing because people want to make a living honestly." We also noticed that there were no street lights working in the area of Livernois south of 7 Mile.

As for the crook who managed to get away, McCoy said "You should be ashamed of yourself and this will come back to haunt you." Paramedics with Detroit EMS responded quickly and transported the store owner to a nearby hospital. He is expected to be ok.

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