Missing 5-year-old found safe after police issue Amber Alert

(WXYZ) - Detroit Police say missing 5-year-old Iyana Oldham has been found safe.

Iyana arrived at the Detroit Police station in the care of a woman who calls herself Nini.  Nini says she's a relative of 33-year old Desmond Johnson; the man originally suspected in Iyana's disappearance.

"I'm like an aunt to her but not really related," Nini said in speaking about her connection to the 5-year old. We caught up with her as she was walking out of the 6th precinct near Warwick and Plymouth on Detroit's west side.

She told us that Iyana is doing fine and at no time was the little girl in harms way, "He ain't never going to hurt her," Nini said, speaking of Johnson.

Nini tells 7 Action News, 33-year old Johnson is not her biological dad.  She told reporters that the amber alert was brought on by a lie that Iyana's mom told police. Iyana had been at a birthday party the night before and Johnson and Iyana's mom had been fighting.

"She lied. She was mad. She lied because she want him and she can't have him," Nini said in reference to Iyana's mother. "You know how some women get salty over men.  She's salty," Nini continued.

The FBI interviewed Iyana's mother. They took over the investigation after Detroit Police issued an Amber Alert early Monday morning but have since been pulled off the investigation after learning the 5-year old was never harmed.

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