Pontiac Public Schools face financial review Monday

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - The Pontiac public schools will face a preliminary financial review.  It's a review that comes on the heals of the district's growing deficit.

"It is definitely clear that we're $25 million in debt," Aimee McKeever president of the Teacher's Union told 7 Action News last year.

You may recall 7 Action News brought you the news of the district's then $25 million dollar deficit.  In just under 12 months time the deficit has grown to be more than $37.5 million dollars.

"We don't want one here, the community doesn't want it, the teachers don't want it, the staff does not want it...we can work out this financial situation," McKeever told 7 Action News last April.

If that's the case, the last year hasn't proven effective for the district.  Recently the Michigan State School Superintendent of Education Mike Flanagan advised the Pontiac district superintendent the district will begin a preliminary financial review.  The review begins Monday and is the first step towards the possibility of the district being appointed an Emergency Manager.

The Pontiac school district is trying to seek approval from the state for a deficit elimination plan and the financial review could serve as a black mark.

Now, should the state appoint an emergency manager the district will join a handful of others in the metro Detroit area that already have emergency managers in place.

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