Search for suspect in motel murder put Detroit officers in crosshairs Tuesday night

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Cops were hunting down the man officer say shot two of their own last night because he was a suspect in a murder from last week – a murder that hit close to home for police.

The murder happened in a motel on Detroit's west side on McNichols.

Police spent a lot of time here last week, because, according to sources, the young man who was killed was  the son of a retired cop.

Room 203 had a lot of that kind of traffic.

According to sources, last Thursday night it was being used to sell rock cocaine - the dealer, the son of a retired cop.

The drug deal went bad. The dealer was killed. Why? Because he was three rocks short.

The room is still ransacked, uncleaned - including leftover blood.

Sources say police spent several hours there last Thursday and obtained good evidence, including surveillance video. The motel has an extensive system with several cameras.

This is where police started the hunt for the alleged killer they boxed in last night, leading to the shootout and the death of the suspect, 23-year-old Matthew Joseph.

A man was inside the motel when 7 Action News stopped there, but he would not talk with us.

We are told the hotel is frequently used for all kinds of nefarious activity.

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