TAKING ACTION FOR YOU: Getting answers about deplorable conditions in DDOT bathrooms

DETROIT (WXYZ) - 7 Action News is shedding light on a dirty problem in downtown Detroit.

DDOT bus riders are disgusted right now with deplorable conditions inside one its biggest hubs.

At the Rosa Parks Transit Center, riders are finding dirty needles, clogged toilets, and flooded floors.

People tell us they even bring their own items, such as soap and paper towels.

Workers tell us since the Transit Center opened back in 2010, the city has literally wiped out its workers.
That in turn is causing the hub to go from pristine condition to downright dirty.

We've reached out to the emergency manager's office, but  haven't heard back from them yet.

We'll be sure to update you on this developing story as soon as we hear new details.


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