There was no escaping the EFM possibility at a community city council meeting at a local church

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - The Detroit City Council could not escape the emergency financial manager controversy during a meeting out in the community - even though some council members would not talk about the possibility. 

During public comment, some Detroiters made it clear they don't want the state to come in and they don't want an EFM, but others say bring it on.

"Let's have the hurt and then the healing" said Detroit resident Tom Wilson.

Despite the probability that an EFM will be named, other people were still expressing concerns about crime, abandoned buildings and no street lights - council members tried to answer their questions as if nothing was about to change.

But the bottom line is that if an EFM comes in, the Detroit City Council might have no power to fix or change things without the approval of the EFM. That's if the council even continues to make decisions.

It's all pretty much up in the air. Some council members would not comment, but those who did said they hope whatever does happen includes them.

"This is very serious situation", said councilman James Tate. He added that he is a lifelong Detroiter who wants the best for the city, who wants a vote in what happens, and who hopes the city's financial problems can be solved jointly.

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