Underweight dogs stranded on top of roof on Detroit's east side, 7 Action News calls for help

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It was a sight that stopped traffic and our 7 Action News crews. Two dogs appearing to be stuck on the roof of an abandoned house. A closer looks reveals the dogs are getting on top of the house through a hole in the roof.

According to neighbors, squatters left the dogs behind over a week ago.

"I know they're hungry," said Keyonna Green who, in addition to Action News, called the Michigan Humane Society to report the situation.

The dogs appear to be underweight as they stand on the rooftop of the abandoned two-story house on Somerset near Yorkshire on Detroit's east side.

Cruelty investigators for the Michigan Humane Society could not legally enter the house at this point because the doors are closed and they could not see any dogs that were dead or in imminent danger.

Through some first floor windows that were not covered up, investigators were able to see two adult dogs and one puppy. All appeared to be underweight.

Cruelty investigators left a bright orange-colored notice on the front door that advises the owners of the dogs to contact them immediately. And investigators tell 7 Action News they will return tomorrow to assess the situation and possibly remove the dogs.

About an hour before Action News reporter Kimberly Craig and her photographer, Chris Jones, were about to go live, the people, identified as the squatters who left the dogs, returned to the house, ripped the MHS notice off of the door and hurled expletives as they sped off in a light green colored van.

Neighbors say the squatters also returned to the location yesterday, but did not enter house to feed or check on the dogs.

It appears there is no running water to the house and a spokesperson for DTE says there has not been any service, electrical or gas, to the location since January 2011.

Property records show a woman who lives on the same street as the current owner of the house, but neighbors say she lost it to the bank sometime ago.

MHS cruelty investigators say they will return to the house Saturday to check on the dogs. In addition to wanting to know if anyone is properly caring for the animals, investigators are concerned that the dogs may suffer injury by falling off of the roof.

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