VIDEO: Are dark, swirling clouds from massive petroleum coke piles on Detroit riverfront?

DETROIT (WXYZ) - New video shows a disturbing cloud believed to be from petroleum coke piles on Detroit's riverfront.

The video, posted last weekend to YouTube shows darks clouds swirling around the "pet coke" Saturday.

Michigan Congressman Gary Peters calls it alarming and outrageous. He and other Michigan lawmakers are pushing for a federal study to examine the health and environmental effects of the product.

Detroit Bulk storage, the company storing the massive piles of petroleum coke, will request a permit at a public hearing in Detroit Wednesday.

The company has been receiving shipments of the oil by-product and storing them near the Detroit River but a recent investigation by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality says the company broke the law by not getting a permit first.

Residents nearby say the "pet coke" creates a toxic dust that's getting into their homes. There's also concern that runoff from the piles may be contaminating the Detroit River.

If a permit is issued, Detroit Bulk will continue to store the product where it is.

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