Residents blast state 'takeover' of Belle Isle during City Council public hearing on island's future

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A number of Detroit residents blasted what they called the 'takeover' of Belle Isle during a City Council public hearing to discuss the future of the island.

However, a number of other Detroit residents expressed their support for the plan.

The public hearing comes before the City Council is scheduled to vote on leasing Belle Isle to the state. A source tells 7 Action News the vote may be delayed for up to two weeks at a meeting on Tuesday. 

Should it go through, the vote will decide the island's future.

Under the agreement, the state would operate and maintain Belle Isle but the city would own it. 

The arrangement would reportedly save Detroit eight million dollars per year.

The proposed lease lasts for 30 years and would allow either the city or the state to opt out after each decade. 

Those wishing to visit Belle Isle would have to purchase a yearly vehicle pass costing $10. Pedestrians and bicyclists would be allowed to enter at no cost.


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