Water pipe break freezes road, traps neighbors

Ice stretched for an entire city block along Hasse on Detroit's east side. 
It was virtual glacier, a half a foot deep in some spots, that had residents feeling trapped.
"Haven't been able to leave my home, can't get my car out of the driveway," said neighbor Chandra Parrish.  "It's just horrible."
That was not the worst of it for Parrish.  Frigid water has flooded her basement.
Her carpet is ruined and clothes and other valuables will have to be thrown out from mold damage.
Neighbors quickly traced the source of the gushing water to a home on the block where a pipe broke and water surged up through the ground.
Crews from the city water department tried to fix it over the weekend, but according to Parrish, the situation only got worse.
"They came out, broke the valve trying to cut it off," said Parrish.  "They didn't call anybody else to come out and properly assess the situation."
Finally, when Action News showed up today, a crew from the city brought the heavy equipment to get the job done right.
"No one has actually been out here to dig it up until today and its been almost a week and the water is almost a block long," said Parrish.  "Not to mention the kids are out of school.  The ice, is just a lot and I think it's just unbearable and ridiculous that we couldn't get help before now.
The water department successfully stopped the water break Tuesday afternoon.  The department told Action News they would clean up all the ice by Tuesday night.
Meanwhile, Parrish is renting her home and her landlord is filing an insurance claim.
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