What do Detroiters think about an emergency financial manager?

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Friday in Detroit and in Sporty Cutz on Detroit's west side the barber chairs are filled. 

Talk in the shop today isn't centered around sports but around the city of Detroit.

"The crime is terrible. I hate to see my people killing each other over senseless stuff and not being caught," said one customer. 

"The City Council's down there arguing with each other. They got people's lives in they hands," griped another customer. "They got no running busses, it's late. Streets aren't being shoveled. There's more empty lots. How can the kids walk to school and be safe?" he added. 

Attention turned to the TV as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announces the Motor City is in a financial emergency. It's something these lifelong Detroiters are well aware of. 

"It's been in shambles for a long time," said the first customer. "And we definitely need help in Detroit," he added. 

For years the Motor City has declined. Neighborhoods of vacant lots and long-ago forgotten homes. Some Detroiters just want it fixed even if it means bringing in an emergency financial manager. 

"Whatever to get the city back on point... I say go for it," expressed a third customer. 

But not everyone agreed. 

"I don't think we need an emergency manager," commented a female customer. She still has hope Detroit's mayor can turn things around. "[The city's] been damaged so hard you can barely tell the difference, but he's making a big difference," she affirmed. 



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