Women who ride the bus take personal steps they hope will keep them from being attacked

(DETROIT) WXYZ - It wasn't unusual for Ciera McCord to take the bus at night, but with a serial rapist attacking women who've been walking to and from bus stops during dark hours, she now gets a ride from friends or doesn't go out at all.

McCord says she is taking extra steps she hopes will keep her from harm. "I carry a knife and a phone in my pocket", McCord told Action News.

Ollie Zachary doesn't drive and has been a bus rider for over ten years. When Action News asked Zachary if she ever worries about walking to and from the bus stop, she replied, "Yes, I got my mace in my pocket."

While the serial rapist has been targeting women in northeast Detroit, police are warning women all over the City not to walk alone because he may strike in other parts of the City. 

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