Working to stay warm in metro Detroit can be a challenge for some

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - Working to stay warm on one of the coldest nights of the year can be a challenge for those who have no place to go. 

That's the case for Jarvis Canada who is homeless. He is hoping to find a shelter.

"It's just hard for us really," said Canada. "We go through a lot."

It's rough for anyone out on the streets when the temperature dips in the teens, most of the shelters in Detroit are full. There are some warming places people look to go.

COTS, The Coalition on Temporary Shelter, has 140 beds but all of them are taken-- and those who have them feel fortunate. 

"I do feel blessed that we are not on the streets, or living in a car," says Tamara Brown who lives with her children in COTS.

There are those who have to be outside because their work keeps them there, like police and fire. They keep us safe, but they do have warm homes to go to at the end of their shift.  Others have to work to stay warm and on the coldest night or any winter night, it is a challenge.

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