Livingston County holds active shooter drill to practice rescue efforts

(WXYZ) - Active training drills are taking place at schools across the country, including right here in our area.

First responders and law enforcement officials in Livingston County have staged rescue efforts in the event of a shooting. They're training for recovery efforts.

Organizers wanted members of the media there to ask tough questions.

Livingston County Emergency Manager Therese Cremonte said, "You need to prepare, you need have plans."

First responders are practicing the recovery portion of a school shooting. This is after the threat has been eliminated. The goal is to get students out of the building.

"Make sure that they are physically okay. Are they emotionally okay? And start to get their information."

The team did a recovery drill last May and planned for today's event since October.

"It was a capability that we felt we can improve upon and build upon."

Organizers sent out mock press releases and held a mock press conference. Reporters asked questions as if this was an actual shooting.

"We know that in a real event, the media will be present. You are going to come. We are going to have television, radio, press, everybody will be there."

After the Parkland shooting, those participating say they have to be ready.

"I think it is bold reminder how real events are, and they continue happen," Cremonte explained. "Hopefully, we will never have to utilize this."

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