Man is accused of impersonating a detective to stalk victim

HOWELL (WXYZ) - Jesse Clayton Bartsch,24,  of Howell, is a accused of long list of bizarre acts in an attempt to get close his stalking victim.

According to the Livingston County Sheriff's Department, he used a real detective's name to create a fake email account and then tried to befriend the woman.

"This guy took stalking to a new level.  There's no question," said Undersheriff Michael Murphy.   

The victim had already filed a personal protection order against Bartsch.

Undersheriff Murphy told 7 Action News Bartsch got crafty when it came to getting rid of it.

"The personal protection order was dropped," said Undersheriff Murphy.  "He even went so far as to change the document she had been served for court to drop the personal protection order when in fact she had never been notified."

According to investigators, things got even more strange when Bartsch used the name of a detective in the sheriff's department to get close to the victim.

At one point, investigators said he sent her a naked picture of another man.

"Essentially...put on a persona of being a detective and started stalking her as the detective--in addition to saying things that would encourage her to reach out to him, the actual suspect," said Undersheriff Murphy.  "She had showed all of this stuff to an attorney, ultimately, and the attorney who knows the detective-- [she] immediately called him and said ‘hey, listen I know this isn't you'."

Bartsch has been charged with Aggravated Stalking, Impersonating A Police Officer, and Perjury.

The series of events allegedly took place over a couple of months this summer.

He bonded out Friday and was released from the Livingston County Jail.

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