Mother accused of letting her 9-year-old drive

GREEN OAK TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Green Oak Township mother now faces charges, accused of letting her 9-year-old son drive her car.

According to a witness, the boy was seen driving the vehicle within the University Mobile Estate neighborhood to dump trash into a dumpster.

Gloria Vaughn told 7 Action News she was quickly filled with outrage as she watched the child do the chore Saturday afternoon right outside of her house. She walked up to the car to observe what was going on.

"I'm looking in the back, you know, for a parent or anything or an adult and there's a little 4-year-old in the passenger seat," said Vaughn  "I'm going, ‘Where's your mom'?"

Vaughn told 7 Action News she quickly took the car keys out of the vehicle and told the boy to go get his mother.

The mother, who police say is 33-year-old Leah Jaglowsky, came to get the vehicle where, according to Vaughn, the two had an argument.

"If she would have been at least decent and said I'm so sorry, he took the keys… but she didn't," said Vaughn.   "She said he can do it, he can drive so therefor he can."

According to Vaughn, she was also worried about the many other kids who live in the neighborhood.

She called 911.

Wednesday afternoon, 7 Action News spoke to Jaglowski's mother, Karen Beaton.

"It's true a 9-year-old should not be driving," said Beaton.

Beaton said her grandson typically only drives the car in and out of the driveway. According to Beaton, the trip to the dumpster was about a block away and says he took it slow.

She does admit her daughter's decision to let the child drive was not a good one.

"It was a lapse in judgment and probably should not have been done, but, from what I understand, it says out on the highway, which would have not happened at all," said Beaton.

Meanwhile, Vaughn told 7 Action News she is glad she called police for the safety of the 9-year-old boy.

"This is wrong," she says. "If you won't at least address this and tell him this is wrong, maybe an adult has to."

Jalowski faces charges of Allowing a Minor To Operate A Motor Vehicle and Contributing To The Delinquency Or Neglect Of A Minor. 

Both charges are misdemeanors punishable up to 90 days in jail.

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