A local family gets their furniture back from a moving company with help from 7 Action News

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WXYZ) - A local family who had been waiting more than a month and a half to get their furniture back from the movers, finally have something to smile about this week.

The Gozur family could not be happier to have their couch and the rest of their furniture back.

"It was exciting.  It was like Christmas I guess," said Sarah Gozur.

The movers finally showed up to their St. Clair Shores home with their stuff on Saturday night, 51 days later.

"I was waiting outside and saw the lights coming and I was really excited when I saw the truck coming," said Ted Gozur.

Who could blame Ted?  When you first met him and his wife Sarah last week, they had nothing but an air mattress and a TV.  The moving company-- Trans United-- failed to deliver their furniture.  After 46 days with no furniture and a $4,500 dollar bill hanging over their heads, they called 7 Action News for help. 

"We wanted everyone to know that we weren't going to stand for it," said Ted.

I called Trans United which is based in Florida and started asking questions.  Their general manager promised to have the moving truck to the Gozurs within four days.  The furniture finally showed up in five days.

"I really think it was you guys.  Thankfully we got some coverage on it," said Sarah.

The Gozurs said Trans United wiped out the rest of their balance clean and is crediting them $642 dollars for being so late.  The Gozurs want their deposit and their up-front payments of about $2,500 dollars refunded.

"We're looking to see if we can still fight that and recoup some of it if not all of it because of the items that are missing," said Ted.

Three to four boxes are missing.  The movers tore a hole in the couch and put a huge hole in the dresser.  The TV stand is out with the trash because it could not withstand the duration of the move.

"Hopefully, someone else can hear some of the stories and watch out before hiring a moving company and do their research than maybe a little better than we did," said Ted.

Ted had also emailed U.S. Senator Carl Levin's office and he said that after their office saw the story on 7 Action News, they remembered the email Ted sent and called them to also help out.

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