Cop helps 87-year-old World War II veteran

According to police, local punks have been targeting an 87-year-old man who lives in Roseville.
The World War II veteran has had his home broken into repeatedly over the past several weeks.
On Thursday evening, his house was ransacked again.
"It was x amount degrees below zero yesterday and he had no one to come and board up his windows," said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin.   "So he was going to be forced from his home."
Officer Steven Boucher was one of the responding officers.
"This happened at 7:00 [Thursday] night," said Officer Boucher.  "By the time we got done checking the area doing the work inside.  Who are you going to call to come inside and fix your window?  So, I went to the station, talked to my boss, and said I have some scrap wood and I can seal that window up for him because it's cold."
After work, Officer Boucher boarded up the victims home.
Friday afternoon, he returned to install a window in the house.
Officer Boucher hopes others become active in this neighborhood.
"People need to be responsible for their own actions and we need the neighbors to step up and keep an eye out," said Officer Boucher.  "Especially for the elderly."
"It's a definite above and beyond," said Officer Boucher.  "He could have just said here's a phone number for a board up service it would have cost him God knows how much money.  So to take it upon himself to do that.  We're really proud of Steve.  It was great for him to do especially the weather factor thing going on,  the man's age, and the service to his country."
Officer Boucher simply thinks of his actions as helping someone in need.
"Couldn't leave him," said officer Boucher.  I don't think my mom would've let me live it down if I left this guy with no window.  Especially in the middle of winter."
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