Early morning fire destroys trailer in Warren mobile home park

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) -  An early morning fire destroyed a mobile home in Warren and investigators are still working to determine the cause. Was it an accident or arson? Neighbors have their own theories.

"I'm leaning more toward a firebug, " says Deborah Allen who's lived in the Continental Communities mobile home park for nearly 20 years.

The trailer went up in flames just before 5:00 am Wednesday morning.

"I heard it about 4:30. It sounded like somebody was stripping it or something, so I looked out and saw the smoke," says Steve Wyrybkowsky.

That's when Wyrybkowsky called 911. He says crews were there in less than five minutes - which is about how long it took for the fire to consume the trailer.

Steve says the folks who lived here moved out last night, so it was empty - just like the trailer that used to sit a few lots down.

That trailer burned three weeks ago and that's why the people who live in the Continental Communities mobile home park are wondering if this is the work of an arsonist.
To put their fears in perspective; Deborah Allen has lived here for 20 years and there have been just 4 fires in all that time. The last two have occurred in less than a month.

If you have any information your asked to call the Warren Fire Department.

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