Eastpointe man says his Pit Bull saved his life when he fell into a diabetic coma

EASTPOINTE, Mich. (WXYZ) - An Eastpointe man is giving his dog credit for saving his life.

Fred Klages says he slipped into a diabetic coma, until his Pit Bull managed to wake him up.

Klages has had his pit bull, Colby, by his side for the last three years, ever since the dog was just a few weeks old.

"He's a best friend," Klages says. "Like a roommate."

But Klages says Colby became a life saver in February.

"That night I was exhausted from work, says Klages. "Tested blood sugar - it was too high - took a few units of insulin and before I knew it, I was out."

The last thing he remembers is falling asleep on the couch. But then Klages recalls *hearing* Colby.

"He was frantically barking," Klages says. "Wouldn't stop til I woke up."

Klages says he got up and could barely walk. And then he noticed blood on his shoulders.

"Come to find out, the dog had pawed my face to wake me up. I'm thankful he didn't bite me," Klages says. "How he knew I wasn't sleeping, but passed out from blood sugar, I wouldn't know it."

His blood tested at 16. The average is 120.

Klages says he had fallen into a very deep shock - or diabetic coma. Klages says his blood sugar had fallen so low, he didn't even feel Colby pawing at him.

He called for an ambulance.

Klages has had to have reconstructive surgery because of the Colby's clawing. He says he has had to explain to many people that Colby wasn't trying to hurt him

But no matter what anyone says, Klages is convinced his best friend sensed something was wrong and did the only thing he could  to save his life.

"I'm grateful to have him," Klages says.

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