HELP: Mom seeks help in finding wedding rings lost in a Lakeside Mall family restroom

Jessica Powers hopes someone will recognize rings

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Losing your wallet, keys, or smartphone can instill panic in most any of us.

We've all been there.

But Jessica Powers recently lost her wedding rings when she was shopping at Lakeside Mall with her little girl Alaina.

It was Saturday, March 23rd.

She went into the food court's family restroom to change Alaina's diaper.  She set her rings by the sink to wash her hands, but she accidentally left the rings there.

She rushed back with family to look for them about two hours later, but the rings were gone.

"We went to every one of these restaurants asking if anybody had them turned in," recalled Powers.  "We talked to security. We talked to the information desk.  I talked with every person from maintenance that I saw. My mom pulled out the garbage in the bathroom going through it."

The rings included her wedding and engagement bands --soldered together – along with a ring her husband Ben had given her when they started dating.

The rings were insured, but Jessica said she cannot imagine replacing them.  They originals have sentimental value no reproduction could hold.

How did Ben take the news?

"I think he could tell how upset I was," said Powers.  "I cried when I was in the bathroom.  I cried talking to people here. I cried when I called dispatch.  I'm going to start crying again," she added choking up.

7 Action News asked Lakeside Mall about surveillance video.  Unfortunately, security told us the video camera above the restroom door did not record that day because of a technical glitch.

Powers has called more than 50 pawn shops, posted ads on Craigs List, and filed a report with Sterling Heights Police.

"I contacted others stations, and Channel 7 was the only one willing to run a story and help me try to get my rings back," said Powers.

She posted a picture of her wedding rings on her facebook page.  More than 30 of her friends have shared it in hopes that someone will be able to locate them.

But WXYZ is hoping someone who sees this story may have some information that may help Powers reconnect with her precious rings.

Her husband thinks it's possible a child innocently picked up the rings.

"Maybe the Mom wasn't paying attention," Ben said. "Hopefully, they have the heart to return [the rings]."

To Jessica, the rings are priceless.

Those were the rings Ben proposed with and the rings he put on her fingers on their wedding day.

If you have any information about the missing rings, you may:

  • Call Lakeside Mall Management at (586) 247-4131
  • Email Customer Service here.
  • Take rings to security office in Lakeside Mall (entrance is between JCPenny and Lord & Taylor)
  • Contact Sterling Heights Police at (586) 446-2800
  • Or email Alicia Smith at


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