Lawsuit over death at Macomb County Jail one step closer to trial

(WXYZ) - The lawsuit involving the death of a Macomb County Jail inmate could be one step closer to going to trial.

The county is trying to have the lawsuit dismissed.

Today lawyers on both sides were in federal court.

There was no official decision from the federal magistrate today, but the family’s attorney believes the lawsuit won't be tossed out.

David Stojcevski’s family filed the federal lawsuit alleging that Macomb County Jail employees didn't respond to his medical needs.

The lawsuit says he suffered serious withdrawal from drug use and died 16 days into his 30-day sentence for failure to appear on a traffic violation.

It happened in June of 2014.

Lawyers for the county are asking that the lawsuit be dismissed.

Wednesday, a federal magistrate heard arguments from both sides.

“We defer to the judge,” says attorney Robert Ihrie. “The judge is the judge. And we anticipate she will give this much thoughtful consideration after hearing the legal arguments. But we do not anticipate this case will be dismissed at this level.”

“My opinion, they are guilty,” says David’s mother Dafinka Stojcevski. “That’s my justice to them and they need to pay the price for everything what they do to my son.”

A couple of weeks ago, county leaders spoke out and said the lawsuit was thrown into the news after they rejected a shake down from the family attorney.

“The inaccurate story damaged the reputation of the Macomb County Sheriff's Office, in my opinion, for no good reason,” Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said at the time.

David's brother, Vladimir, is also part of the lawsuit. He happened to be in jail at the same time as David.

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