No charges to be filed against father who left baby in running SUV that was stolen

(WXYZ) - Warren police are not pursuing criminal charges against the father who left his 3-month-old daughter in his SUV with the vehicle running and the doors unlocked. That SUV was stolen moments later.

"He wasn't intoxicated, he wasn't on drugs. He made a mistake," says Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green.

Jesse Greer, 22, left the 3-month-old girl in his 1995 Suburban SUV with the vehicle running as he went inside to pay the bill at the Metro Gas Station at 6:50 p.m. Monday. He frantically dialed 9-1-1 when he saw someone jump into his vehicle and take off.

Within minutes, Warren police located the abandoned vehicle in a nearby neighborhood. The infant was unharmed and still sleeping in the backseat. Police released surveillance video in hopes of finding the suspects.

The man who drove off in Greer's SUV got out of a blue-ish green LeSabre. Police say it's a mid-90's model and has a rear passenger wheel that looks different from the other wheels.

If you have any information that can help investigators, please call Warren Police.

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