POLICE: Career criminal with 35 mug shots pistol-whips 67-year-old man, homeowner fights back

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - A 52-year-old career criminal got quite the surprise when he demanded more jewelry from a homeowner in Warren. But instead of handing over more gold, police say the 67-year-old victim gave the armed robber lead - shooting the robber three times before the two men began brawling.

Police say it all began when a man knocked on the victim's door, asking to see his brother, who, police say, is known for buying and selling jewelry out of the house.

When the homeowner told the man that his brother wasn't home, the man asked if he could come inside and wait.

Once inside the house, the man pulled out a gun and demanded jewelry and cash. Police say when the armed robber demanded more than he was given, the quick thinking homeowner said he could take him to another place in the house where more gold was stored. We're told the homeowner pulled out a gun and shot the robber three times.

Police say the armed robber then used his firearm to pistol-whip the homeowner on his head. The two men began fighting and both tumbled down some stairs before the wounded robber decided it was best to try to get away.

Police say the robber fled and jumped into a getaway car that was driven by an accomplice, but when the robber arrived at the nearest hospital it was clear he wasn't any innocent shooting victim. Inside the man's pocket was a holdup note that he never showed the victim.

Police say the 52-year-old suspect is a parole absconder with a criminal history that dates back to 1993. And with police agencies in Metro-Detroit alone, the man has 35 mug shots. He'll have one more when he's out of the hospital and booked on new charges.

Police are searching for the accomplice.

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