Police looking into whether law clerk embezzled from Warren District Court

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - If you went to Warren District Court and think you paid the court for your fines, it is possible you were scammed.

Police say they are investigating whether a law clerk embezzled money from people trying to pay the court what they owed.

The law clerk has not yet been charged, but was suspended without pay last week.

Police say the clerk may have taken advantage of the fact that many people do not know how things work at court.  He may have arranged for them to pay him some of the money they owed the court, then kept it.

 If you ever are at Warren District Court any money owed is supposed to be paid to the cashier's office.

Sources tell 7 Action News the clerk under investigation has worked at the court since December.  Police are looking through files to find out if there are any discrepancies they don't already know about.

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