Record-holder who played in the most Super Bowls uses his gridiron grit to make gourmet candy

Mike Lodish started selling peanut brittle in 2011

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Mike Lodish -- who's made NFL history by playing in six Super Bowls -- is tackling a new passion.  He's running his own business selling his Mom cherished peanut brittle recipe.

On the line of scrimmage, Mike Lodish was tenacious.

He had to be.

The Brother Rice alum and nose tackle from UCLA was a 10th round draft pick.

At 6'3", 270-pounds, he was not as big as some.

But, boy, was he scrappy.         

He went on to play in 4 Super Bowls for the Buffalo Bills and two for a winning Denver Broncos team.

He brought out his glistening Super Bowl rings when we met up with him recently in Warren.

Does he wear them much?

"They're in a special place at home that is very fortified," Mike Lodish laughed.

He has gone from clogging the gap to cooking up candy.

His new passion is peanut brittle -- Lodish's Champion Brittle.

"It's Crunch Time" is the product's tag line.

He calls it "crunch time!"

"I believed in it so much that I was going to knock the door down."

So he did.

After 11 years out of the NFL, he went into business for himself.

You might say the 12th man is his mom -- Pat.

It's her prized recipe he's making.

He even named his company after her -- Pat's Gourmet, LLC.

"He has an attitude that you don't quit. He is respectful of people, and he knows that hard work will promote success. And I taught him that.  That's my motto for all my children," said Pat Lodish.

His Mom wears his old numbers on a diamond-encrusted gold, football-shaped pendant around her neck.

One of his baking team members occasionally wears his Broncos jersey.

"He even autographed it," said baker Tonya Brummitt, turning to show the scribble on the back of the jersey.

Lodish teamed up with JLM Manufacturing in Warren.

"We've joked about this before, but he's got bakers' hands," said Spiro Liras, Director of Manufacturing at JLM Manufacturing.

Lodish will talk a little smack.

He's tied with fellow Buffalo Bills teammate Don Beebe for going to six Super Bowls, but only Lodish played in all six.

"I finally said to him, I said, 'When are you going to give me the ultimate respect that I'm the only guy to play,' and he goes, 'Never!' he said, chuckling.    

He's the rough and tumble guy with the Michigan-made sweet treats.

At least ten area markets sell Lodish's Champion Brittle.

You may also order it online through Pat's Gournet, LLC.  Click here to find out more.

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