Roseville elderly targeted in Valentine's Day scam

ROSEVILLE (WXYZ) - Roseville police say scam artists are targeting the elderly with sweet treats to steal money.

Investigators say around 10:50 a.m. on Valentine's Day, a female suspect followed an elderly woman into her driveway. The homeowner, who is in her 70s, had just pulled up to her house when the suspect greeted her by name. The suspect said ‘Happy Valentine's Day' and claimed to be with a senior center. She then gave the victim a box of chocolates, balloon, flowers and asked for change for a $20.00 bill.

The victim agreed and allowed the suspect into her home in the 19000 block of Shadowoods. At one point, the suspect asked if the victim needed help with house work and also asked for her phone number. After writing the number down, the victim turned around. The suspect had left and taken an envelope carrying roughly $200 from the victim's purse.

A few minutes later, in the neighboring 31000 block of Cristina, a man and woman carrying a box of candy knocked on an elderly couple's door. The female suspect asked, "Do you remember me?" And after some small talk they were welcomed into the home. After the suspects left, the couple discovered a couple hundred dollars missing from the husband's wallet.

Roseville police, who believe the two incidents are related, are advising homeowners to be extra vigilant. They warn that suspects can easily gain trust and then access valuables.

Investigators are looking for three suspects with the following descriptions:

1) White female, 35-45 years old, 5'-7" , around 300 pounds with longer dark hair (pulled back ) and dark eyes.  She was wearing a red, possibly flower-pattern blouse with red pants. She's described as having very heavy makeup, bright red lipstick. A homeowner described the suspects overall look as "gaudy" --wearing clothing that was too tight.

2)  A white female, 35-45 years old,  5'-7" and had a "wide" frame pair of glasses on.

3)   A white male, 5-'8", around  35-40 years old.  

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