Roseville Police say bar owner hit man in head with gun because of feud over a woman

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Roseville Police say a feud over a woman ended in a violent confrontation that left a 47-year-old man injured.

The incident happened at the Eastgate Bar on Gratiot Avenue at around 10:00 am Saturday morning.

The victim reportedly told police he was lured to the bar by the bar's owner, who reportedly said he wanted to end their feud over the victim's ex-girlfriend.

The woman is an Eastgate Bar barmaid and the two men have reportedly been threatening each other over her for some time.

Police say the victim felt the suspect had meddled in their relationship and caused the break up.

When the victim arrived at the bar, police say he was immediately confronted by the suspect, who was carrying a handgun.

Police say the suspect was also armed. Officer say when he was confronted by the bar owner, he took out his gun and placed it on the ground so that the two men could talk.

It was at that point that, police say, the bar owner walked up to the man and hit him in the head with the gun. The weapon then accidentally discharged.

In an earlier news release, Roseville Police said the victim had been shot in the head and was in serious condition. Officers at the scene are now saying that was not the case.

The investigation is ongoing and the bar's owner is in custody. Police say at this point it is unclear what charges the man will face. He is being held without bond.

The Macomb County Prosecutors Office is expected to review the case on Monday.

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