Shelby Township residents hear from experts about cancer causing contamination at old Ford plant

(WXYZ) - People packed a town hall meeting in Shelby Township with concerns about the former Ford Visteon Plant site that, according to environmental experts, is contaminated with the cancer causing chemical TCE.

Dr. James Dragun says it comes from a degreaser that was used at the plant years ago and has seeped into the ground water and soil.

The doctor says there is a way to clean it up, but it would cost about $150 million and take a year. Judges would also have to approve it and that's because the problem is tied up in a lawsuit filed by the township against the automaker and the company that bought the property from Ford. That company is Indiana Metals.

People say they are worried about their kids and grandkids playing on the grass, especially after it's been watered and they are worried about the baseball players in the dirt and their property values.

"I used to live in Pennsylvania near Three Mile Island and when that happened, my property value went down 75% in one hour and I feel like that is happening here" said one resident.  The doctor did agree that could happen.

The study that was done by the environmental doctor. His study is about eight thousand pages long and is in several binders. Township officials say a condensed version is on their website and if someone feels like staying up all night and reading it, they are welcome to do so.

During the meeting, the township lawyer said he is determined to get this site cleaned up and will do all he can to see that it happens. 

In the meantime, he says he believes it is safe for the kids to play baseball in the fields near the old site and safe for the people who live nearby as well..

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