Snow means change of habits for drivers and workers in Warren

Warren (WXYZ) - The snowfall may mean fun and snowball fights for some, but for most it is something dangerous to drive through, tough to clear, and work to stay on top of.

"I'm not gonna get much sleep," said Chris Wright of Wright's Landscaping.

At 4:45 this morning he and crews with the company had already worked for hours clearing snow.  They stopped to refuel, knowing their work is far from over and loving it.

"There's a lot of money to be made," said Wright.

The snow also turned cautious drivers into extra early risers.

 Annie Dew from Willis gave herself more than 2 hours and safely made her 56 mile drive to Warren, where about 8 inches of snow fell

"You leave early, you get there," said Dew.

But admittedly, sometimes getting out early doesn't leave you good to go.

For example one driver in Warren beat the snow plow to a business where he tried to deliver the New York Times.  He was making the delivery to help a friend, and didn't know the property.  He got his low-profile car stuck on a median in the driveway. His manager helped him out.

"I got 37 carriers and 17 were stuck in the snow," said Chris Johnson after digging the delivery worker out.

This morning he's not only getting papers delivered, but delivering advice if you'll be driving in the snow.

"Make sure you have a shovel, salt or sand to weigh down your vehicle, and a blanket in case your vehicle cuts off," said Johnson.


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