Warren City Council voted down an ethics ordinance believed to be aimed at Mayor Fouts

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Warren Mayor Pro-Tem Scott Stevens introduced a new Ethics Ordinance to the City Council after a second video surfaced showing Mayor Jim Fouts apparently going on another out of town trip with his executive assistant, Amanda Mika.

The proposed policy would have prohibited fraternization in Warren city government.  Council voted down the proposal 4-3 on Tuesday night. 

Fouts said on Friday he paid for his out of town travel and is not "dating" his executive assistant. 

In the first video posted online last week, Fouts is seen with Mika walking arm and arm, then holding hands in Chicago in November of 2012. 

The second video posted this week shows Fouts in the channel 7 interview from Friday, then a picture with his assistant Mika, then a clip that is labeled October 2012 showing the Mayor picking up Mika and a suitcase for what could have been another out of town trip. 

The video shows Mika driving and says she has a "lead foot" and got away from the "private eye" who was following them. 

Fouts says it is a political attack. 

The proposed Ethics Policy would have allowed anyone to file a complaint. The target of the complaint would have 3 months to comply with the policy or go before an ethics committee hearing and face sanctions.


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