7 Action News works to help build a ramp from a Monroe mother with cerebral palsy

MONROE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Everybody deals with adversity in their life but a Monroe mom is dealing with more than her fair share.

7 Action News was told of Ashley Morford's battle by Kari Bice, her occupational therapist.  So now we're trying to make things a bit more comfortable for this mother.

Ashley has cerebral palsy but it isn't stopping her from raising her handsome son Ashton!

Ashley says, "he is the joy of my life."

She recently became a single parent and, because she spends most of her time in a wheelchair, the state requires her to have a ramp connected to the two doorways at her apartment in order to raise Ashton by herself.

Bice says, "She is very determined, she has a bright personality and really wants to be independent.  She wants to do this."

However, money is short.  A local group was able to donate some supplies but she needs more - probably a small porch to connect her two doorways.

Ashley says, "without help I won't be able to raise my son by myself.  I want him to look up to me as a mom."

So we are stepping in and asking anyone who can help, to do so.  We are talking about some manpower and supplies to construct a small porch and ramp about 20 feet long so she can get in and out of her apartment.

Ashley's life has been one big challenge, but she doesn't consider herself to be handicapped.

She is working on her physical therapy to stay strong so she can provide the best care possible for Ashton.
Now she needs some help with ramp.  If you can help, please contact me at vfaust@wxyz.com.

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