Monroe hit with a foot of snow

MONROE (WXYZ) - Several communities Downriver were hit with a lot of snow over night.

Residents in Woodhaven say they received four to five inches.

"It's been snowing for over 30 hours now, you know it's pretty nasty out there," said driver Henry Krueger.

However, in Monroe, residents got dumped with more than a foot of snow.  The wind blew two to three foot snowdrifts.

With wind chills below zero, residents were left with one big cold mess.

"This is the first heavy winter we've had in our town…. do it's hit us pretty good," said Tony Trujillo owner of Agua Dulce coffee shop in downtown Monroe.

Trujillo told 7 Action New typically this time of year, with the weather being so cold, his business would be busy.

Thursday's large amount of snow has kept customers away.

"Business had been fairly busy before Christmas and a little bit after but with the snow it's been hectic today getting one or two people in before 11:00 am."

Marek Kruczynski told 7 Action News this is his third day of shoveling and he is ready spend his time doing other projects.

"It would be nice to get a break," said Kruczynski .

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