A member of the security team at Oakland Mall is arrested for breaking and entering

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Troy police arrested a member of the security team at Oakland Mall for trying to steal from one of the stores. 

When 7 Action News tried to find out more details at Oakland Mall, a security guard kicked our crew off the mall property.

"Sorry, you guys can't be on the lot," said the security guard. The guard directed our questions to their corporate office in Taylor.

"You'd have to contact Prudential Security in Taylor," said the security guard.

Oakland Mall's security team is run by Prudential Security. 

The 7 Action News team called Prudential Security several times and we were told they had no comment about one of their security members being arrested late Sunday night. 

The woman on the other end of the phone with the company not only told us no comment, but also hung up on us twice. 

When our crew arrived at the corporate office on Eureka Road in Taylor the office was dark and no one was inside the office.

The security member is currently being held at the Troy jail and charged with breaking and entering. He is expected to be arraigned Tuesday. 

When 7 Action News contacted Oakland Mall's public relations team, it was after hours and we were told there was no one there who could help us at the time.


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