Arrest made in Ferndale carjackings; Driver crashes stolen car

When police responded to the report of an armed robbery today, they found themselves chasing a car they had been looking for. It was a Subaru stolen during a Thursday carjacking.
At 1:13 today, Hazel Park police responded to a robbery attempt at a Hardee's restaurant. Officers chased a car involved in that attempt. It crashed near 7 Mile and Conant where the driver hit a parked car and was arrested.
Investigators say the crime spree started after they responded to a hit and run crash in the 500 block of Academy yesterday. They discovered the vehicle involved was stolen in a carjacking in Detroit.
After that crash was reported, police got several 911 calls from people reporting attempted carjackings.
The description of the suspect was similar in each case.
According to police, the first attempt happened on Silman where two men were pulling into their driveway.
They say the suspect started banging on the driver's window and yelling for the driver to get out of the car. 
Police say the suspect opened the door and grabbed the driver, but the driver managed to get away from the suspect.
In another incident, police say the suspect demanded the keys from a man. When that man refused, police say the suspect hit the victim on the head with a brown paper bag he was holding. The victim told police that he heard glass breaking when he was hit on the head. He suffered some cuts to his head and the suspect ran off.
Investigators say the crook carjacked a man who had just arrived home on Wordsworth. 
He stuck an object into the man's chest and demanded the keys to his Subaru. The suspect then took off.
Police described the suspect  as a black man, 25-35 years old, clean shaven, short hair or bald.
The vehicle that was stolen was a 2002, red Subaru Impreza station wagon. That was recovered by Hazel Park police.
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